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If you're authoring (or have authored) a client/library/tool for LCDproc, please send us a mail to the mailing-list with a name, description, and URL (if any) for your project. Make sure you state that you don't want your email to be publish or want it to be obfuscated, if that's what you want.
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Name Description Author Date submitted Link
amulestats This one is a TCL-script that fetches the download information of aMule from an amuleweb server and shows them on the LCD. It creates one screen per download and displays the name of the file, the size, the sources, the speed and the progress. All you need is a running amuleweb server, than may be running locally or on a remote machine without gzip-compression, and a working TCL-interpreter. Jannis Achstetter 2006-04-14 More info
Audaproc Works with the Audacious media player and displays various informations about currently played media. Jacek Trubłajewicz 2006-10-13 More info
hddtemp-lcd Fetches the temperatures of the HDDs from the hddtemp daemon, which has to be running, and displays them on the LCD. Jannis Achstetter 2006-04-14 More info
imonlcd Client that displays data from the ISDN4Linux device drivers. Lars Wessels - More info
IRMP3 The IRMP3 project can display information on the current song playing and be controled by your keypad. - 2002-10-15 More info
jOrgan jOrgan, the Java Virtual Organ utilizes LCDproc to display status information of user defined elements (labels, switches, sliders) on LCDs. Sven Meier 2011-08-02 Website
lcd-nut Client that displays UPS status using the Open Source "Network UPS Tools" (nut). Wayne Wylupski 2002-10-15 More info
lcd-stuff Client for LCDproc that does various cool stuff. It allows displaying e-mail via POP3, news items via RSS and shows weather information (from In addition to that it controls a mpd music daemon. Bernhard Walle 2006-04-13 More info
LCDAppender Java client that extends Jakarta log4j so that log messages are displayed on the LCD. Matthias Gärtner 2002-11-25 More info
lcdjava Java client for LCDproc. Darren Greaves 2010-09-09 More info
lcdvc Virtual console display. With this client you can actually log in with your LCD as display. Of course large (graphical) LCDs are prefered for this. This client is now part of LCDproc. Joris Robijn 2006-04-28 -
lcdwho It displays a list of who's connected to the local system, and from where. Dale Osowski 2001-02-25 Download
netLCDclient Displays network utilization stats. Note: This function is now part of LCDproc. Luis Llorente 2001-09-18 More info
perl-lcd Perl module that you can use to develop LCDproc clients and applications using Perl. Wayne Wylupski 2002-10-15 More info
RC5 Stats RC5 stats client. Simmon Keith 1999-08-19 Download
SETI@home Stats SETI@home stats client. Tim Niemueller 2000-09-02 More info
VDR Client for Klaus Schmidinger's VDR. Martin Hammerschmid 2002-10-14 More info
Zinf Zinf, a free MP3 player for Linux and Windows supports a driver that display information on an LCDproc screen and support a few key from the keypad to control it. - 2002-10-15 More info
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